Stay Warm THis WInter!

Winter is here, and with it, sub-freezing temperatures for most of the country. Keep your living space warm and cozy and cut down on your heating bills with efficient, affordable portable space heaters and electric fireplaces.


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Portable Heater Safety for Pets

dog and electric fireplace heater

Can you use space heaters safely around pets? We give you a rundown on features to look for in a pet-friendly heater and some special safety considerations for pet owners. Pet safety and portable heaters

Space Heater Safety Tips

electric space heater
Space heaters are perfect for warming up a north-facing or drafty room or an unheated work area. Do you know how to use one safely? 9 space heater safety tips you need to know.

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using a 2 stage snow blowerWhether you're buying your first snow thrower or looking to upgrade / replace an old one, the number of brands, choices and options can be staggering. We explain it all - from how basics like how your snow blower works and the different types of snow blowers, to different features and options you might want to look for.
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Do You Need a Roof Rake?

snow on roof

Snow on the roof is pretty but can sometimes cause water damage or even dangerous cave-ins. Roof rakes to the rescue - learn how roof rakes work and how to use them.

How to Shovel Snow Safely

shovel snow properly

For a mundane chore, shoveling snow has an exceptionally high injury rate, sending over 10,000 people to the emergency room each year! Follow these 7 tips to keep you and your family safe!

What is SnowNovations?

SnowNovations is an exciting new online guide to help you cope with the hassles of winter. Featuring articles, comparisons and hands-on reviews of the best and most innovative products for dealing with snow, ice and cold so you can spend less time out in the cold and more time enjoying the beauty of winter from the comfort of indoors!