Disclosure Statement

The FTC has approved guidelines regarding endorsements and testimonials. The updated guidelines require that web sites which contain reviews disclose any material relationship betwen themselves and the products and companies they cite.

This site, SnowNovations, contains advertisements, such as those from Google Inc., which are clearly marked as such.

SnowNovations.com also has an affiliate relationship with Amazon.com. This means if you use one of our links and subsequently purchase the item, we will receive a few cents for referring you as a customer. This compensation it does not affect the price you pay or the compensation received by an Amazon seller. Running a site isn't free - this is how we cover our expenses for hosting, researching and writing content, reviewing products and promoting our site.

However, our content and the opinions expressed in our reviews are NOT purchased or compensated in any manner. Items we review are purchased by SnowNovations - we are not paid to review products or given free merchandise to review. Our relationships are with companies who sell a variety of merchandise, not with individual manufacturers. Because of this, our reviews are agnostic - we have no financial interest in promoting one company's products over another. We will not hesitate to praise a good, inexpensive item from an unknown manufacturer, or call out issues with a heavily-advertised name-brand product.

We could make a lot more money shilling for manufacturers, but we respect our visitors. We really DO want to help you and your family stay safe, warm, and spend your hard-earned money wisely this winter. It's just how we roll.