Thermal garments are great but won't always keep you as cozy as you'd like under challenging conditions.. Enter battery / electric heated clothing!

From jackets to base layers, hats, gloves and socks, this high-tech apparel, powered by AA or Lithium Ion batteries or a USB power bank, is designed to keep you warm in even the harshest climates.

Like the heated seats in your car, the heating elements in these gloves, jackets and hats begin to generate heat in as little as 10 seconds. Many of these garments offer multiple power settings for maximum comfort.

Want something more economical? Classic disposable hand and foot warmers do the job, keeping vulnerable fingers and toes cozy and free of frostbite for hours at a time. Or consider a battery hand warmer to keep you warm in the stands while watching the game.

Electric Heated Clothing, Hand & Foot Warmers

Heated Jackets

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Heated Hats

Unfortunately battery-powered heated hats aren't widely available yet. Two that we were able to find were Comfortwear's Super Heated Beanie for Men and Venture's Cordless Heated Hat - available in small and medium sizes for women. Both have temperature controls and are available from Amazon for around $90..

Heated Socks

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