Last updated: January, 2018

Ice Grips and Cleats

Icy sidewalks, driveways and parking lots are one of the worst hazards of winter. These popular ice grippers / cleats are worn over shoes and boots and provide varying amounts of traction for walking, working, mountaineering or even running.

They are economical, convenient to use and take up little space to store - buy an extra pair to keep in your vehicle!

Some things to keep in mind when shopping:

  • Spikes embedded in rubber tend to come out, making ice grips with that design less durable.
  • For best performance, look for multi-directional traction that's under the entire foot - or at least under the toe / heel where your foot pushes off..
  • If you'll be wearing these ice grippers over large shoes / boots and are at the top of a size range, you may want to buy the next size up.


Make/Model Features Our Comments Price Range
Available from:

Rubber mesh with steel wrapped around it provides lightweight, multi-directional traction on icy surfaces.

One of our favorites!

If you're between sizes (or at the top of the size range and wearing them over bulky boots), get the next size up.

Walking in these in slush may cause them to slip off.. For a few dollars more, the YakTrax Pro has a strap to more securely attach them to your shoes.

Read our Yaktrax review


Portable, light duty ice grippers, roll up easily to put in pocket or vehicle Made from TPE with multi directional case hardened cleats providing traction to the whole foot.

Women's and kids sizes are available in pink!

Heavy-duty ice gripping cleats. Toe and ankle straps keep them securely in place.



10 non-slip steel studs in a lightweight TPE frame.

Some reports of the studs coming out easily. Location of the heel studs may be too far forward to provide ideal traction for the heel.


Rubber mesh with steel chain and 12 stainless steel "claw" spikes make this a heavy duty product for rough conditions.

Suitable for hiking, mountaineering, possibly climbing.

Four traction cleats in a rubber base secure to shoes with one velcro strip. Llightweight, portable, easy to put on.

The velcro strap is not very long, and may not fit around some shoes or boots Extremely easy to take on and off or put in a pocket. Keep a pair in the glove compartment for unexpected icy parking lots.

Steel alloy on steel aircraft cable, a rubber sling holds them securely in place on shoes and boots.

A bestselling product. Provides good heel and toe traction.

YakTrax standard steel wire wrapped rubber on heel, with carbide steel spikes under the toe. Secure straps, reflective heel.

Perfect if you love to run and hate indoor treadmills.

YakTrax Summit are lightweight yet durable carbon steel traction cleats for walking on packed snow and glacial ice - even on slopes. In sizes S, M, L and XL.

Serious ice and snow traction, intended for winter hikers. Perfect for conditions which are too rugged for ordinary ice grips, but not extreme enough for a mountaineering crampon.

Feature 3/8" carbon steel cleats, triangular spike design, stainless steel chains. Patented closure system provides security and ease of use.


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