Last updated: January, 2018

Power Shovels

Positioned between manual snow pushers / plows and full-fledged snowblowers, the power shovel uses a rotating auger to pick up snow and throw it forward. They are powered by electricity - corded, or a cordless rechargeable battery. Most have no wheels.

A power shovel can make short work of removing snow from flat surfaces - like decks, patios, sidewalks and walkways - in areas with light to moderate snowfall.

Power shovels are light, manouverable, and a cinch to use. The downside is that they can't handle much volume, and there is little distance and no directional control for moving the snow as you work. Snow is propelled several feet ahead of you.

Corded vs cordless: A rechargeable battery spares you the hassles of dealing with extension cords and you don't need to be within range of an outlet to use it. However batteries take a couple of hours to recharge and may only be able to do a total of 30-60 minutes work per charge.

Power shovels can clear about 4"-6" of snow depth at each pass. For larger areas or snow totals of more than a couple of inches, you may be better off with a small snowblower.

Make/Model Features Our Comments Price Range
Available from:

10-amp motor moves up to 400 lbs of snow per minute.
Cuts 13 in. wide and 6 in. deep with each pass.
Ergonomic / adjustable handle.
2-year warranty.

Powerful little snow shovel at a great price. One of the top sellers in its category.
Ergonomic design and CSA approved, with a full 2 year warranty. This is a great buy!


10 amp motor with 14" impeller clears up to 600lbs of snow per minute.
Cuts 16" width by 6" deep with each pass, discharges snow up to 25 ft.
Adjustable height handle, extension cord lock, wheels
4 yr warranty

A little larger than the other power shovels, the 26022 claims to clear up to 600lbs of snow per minute. Wheels make it easier to handle and it could reasonably clear snow from a small driveway. Another bestseller.

.7.5 Amp, cuts 12" wide by 6" deep per pass.
12.5 lb durable plastic body, adjustable telescoping metal handle.
Extension cord not included.
2-year warranty

The Toro name is well known and respected in yard tools, however with a 7.5 Amp motor, the 38361 is relatively weak at handling heavy, wet snow and falls short of expectations. Still a reliable machine, but best if you're in a region with light snowfall.


40V 4Ah rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. 2-blade paddle auger, cuts 13 in. wide x 6 in. deep.
Moves up to 300 lbs of snow per minute.

Also available in a hybrid version - run corded or cordless.


10-amp motor moves up to 300 lbs of snow per minute.
Cuts 11" wide by 6" deep per pass.
Adjustable height ergonomic handle, LED light.

Replacement parts, including handle, paddle auger, scraper blade and belt, available separately.


8 Amp motor. Cuts 12" wide, up to 6" deep.

Lightweight, easy-to-use corded power shovel. No batteries to charge, easy electric start.


80 Volt 2Ah battery and charger included.
Battery takes about 2hrs to charge, lasts for around 30-45 minutes of work.
Cuts 12" wide and up to 6" deep

80 volt lithium battery moves a lot of snow in a short period of time. Like other power shovels, it's best for snow depths of 6" or less.


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