DeLonghi Oil-Filled Portable Radiator Model EW7707CM - Review & Specs

DeLonghi Oil Filled Portable Radiator

Need to keep a medium to large room warm in winter? Oil filled portable radiators, like the DeLonghi Safe Heat model EW7707CM radiator, are a great choice. Silent and economical to run, they can help save up to about 27% on your heating bills.

DeLonghi makes several models of oil-filled radiators. This one, the EW7707CM, boasts features like an adjustable thermostat, ComforTemp setting (automatically maintains a comfortable room temperature), wheels for easy transport, overheat safety shutoff, safe rounded design and a low surface temperature. There are 3 heat settings and an "antifreeze" setting, which you can use in your basement to keep pipes from freezing. The unit is permanently sealed and maintenance-free - the oil never needs to be refilled.

Covered by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

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Heater Type: Oil-filled electric portable radiator. Maintenance-free. 1500 Watts.
Size: 13.8" wide x 25" high x 10.8" deep, weight 24.1 lbs.
Heat Settings Minimum, intermediate and maximum settings, plus an "antifreeze" setting which will maintain a room temperature of approx. 41 degrees.
Oscillating? No.

Permanently sealed and maintenance-free
Silent, radiant heat - no noisy fans
Easy-to-use control panel
ComforTemp feature maintains a room temperature of 68-70 degrees
Adjustable thermostat
Antifreeze feature keeps room at 41 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing

Safety Features:

ETL Listed
Overheat protection (shutoff) - if unit overheats, you need to contact the service center for assistance resetting it.
Safe rounded design, no sharp corners
Low surface temperature

Price range:
$65 - $85
Warranty: 1 year warranty.
User feedback: Excellent customer reviews on this product.

The oil filled Delonghi portable radiator is a great choice for keeping medium to large rooms warm in the cold winter months. It is well made, maintenance free and economical to run, with many built in safety and convenience features. If you have pipes in a basement that are prone to freezing, there's an "antifreeze" setting that will maintain a room temperature of 41 degrees.

Electric oil radiators don't heat as quickly as other types of space heaters - they warm an area gradually with gentle, radiant heat. However they are excellent at maintaining temperatures once they're up and running, and can maintain comfortable temperatures even in a room as large as 12x20. (Your mileage may vary depending on # of windows and doors in the room and the quality of your insulation.)

There can be an unpleasant odor from the surface coatings the first few times you run this heater. The trick to getting rid of this is to "temper" or burn off the coatings outside or in a well ventilated shed or garage by running the heater with the thermostat all the way up for a couple of hours. (This is noted in the accompanying product instructions, but judging by the number of reviews citing the odor as a dealbreaker, a lot of buyers fail to read it.)

An oil filled radiator does take up a bit more space than some other options and it isn't very attractive, but if your main concern is a comfortable well heated room without greatly inflating your electric bill, the Delonghi EW7707CM is an excellent choice!

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Manufacturer: DeLonghi
Oil-Filled Portable Electric Heater
13.8" x 25" x 10.8"
24.1 lbs
Heat Settings: Minimum, intermediate, maximum, plus an "antifreeze" setting which maintains a temperature of 41 degrees.

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