Dr Heater Infrared Space Heater DR968 - Review & Specs

Infrared Space Heater - Dr InfraredFrom Dr. Heater, best known for their propane garage and industrial heaters, the model DR968 is an attractive and popular infrared space heater for use indoors at home.

With enough power to heat a medium to large room, this heater is surprisingly quiet and efficient. Infrared convection technology heats without drying, and It provides more heat for the same wattage as similar heaters. The Dr. Heater has important safety features like tipover protection and overheat control, and is built to last for up to 80,000 hours of operation - that's over 9 years of daily use!

The attractive wood look exterior blends with any home decor. Available singly, in a two-pack, and with an optional humidifier.

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Heater Type: Infrared / Convection - has 1 quartz tube and 2 PTC heating elements
Size: 13" x 11" x 16"
Heat Settings Low (1000 watts), High (1500 watts) and Auto. Auto is an energy-saving, thermostat-controlled setting which smartly cycles the unit on and off to maintain the desired room temperature.
Oscillating? No.

Thermostat - can set for between 50 and 86 degrees
Two heat speeds plus thermostat-controlled "auto" setting
Energy efficient infrared technology retains air moisture
Room temperature LED display
Remote control
Powerful, low noise (39 dB) 7" blower
12 hour automatic shutoff timer
Caster wheels
Attractive cherry wood look exterior

Safety Features:

UL Certified
Tipover protection
Overheat protection (alarm)

Price range:
$110-$140 Also available in a combo pack or with optional humidifier.
Warranty: Limited 3 year warranty.
User feedback: Very positive user feedback. This is an Amazon bestseller.

Powerful, quiet, energy efficient and designed with important safety features, the DR968 form Dr. Heater is a great little space heater in a small package. The proprietary technology combines infrared and convection heat - quietly delivering more heat for the wattage than similar heaters, with no hot or cold spots in the room, all the while retaining moisture in the air. For you, this translates into more heat, greater comfort, and lower cost on your energy bills.

We were impressed with the efficient design of this heater. Dr Heater uses a 7" high-pressure blower to move a larger air volume at a lower speed and much more quietly than conventional fans. The thermostat can be set within a generous range of 50-86 degrees.

This heater retains air humidity, but if your home's still too dry you can purchase it with the optional humidifier. The additional moisture in the room will also help heat the air faster. A similar model, DR998, has a built in humidifier, along with an oscillating fan, which can be used independently.

There is an electrostatic, permanent filter on the rear of the DR968. For optimal performance, remove and clean this at least once a month, following the manufacturer's instructions.

The heater has adequate safety features including both tip-over protection and an overheat alarm, and is UL approved. Most of the case is cool to touch, but be aware that this heater does get HOT. Be sure to supervise carefully if using around children, pets, or persons with physical challenges. Make sure there are no combustible items, like clothing, paper or drapes within 3 feet in front of the heater or near its sides or back, and be cautious about leaving it unattended.

The manufacturer offers a 3 year warranty, but claims the DR968 is built to last for up to 80,000 hours of use,

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Manufacturer: Dr Heater
Infrared Quartz
13" x 11" x 16"
23.5 lbs
Heat Settings: 1000 watts / 1500 watts / auto (thermostat)

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