Duraflame Electric Fireplace DFI 5010 - Review & Specs

Duraflame Electric Fireplace HeaterThe top selling electric fireplace stove on Amazon for two years in a row, Duraflame's DFI 5010 blends style and functionality at an affordable price.

Safe "cool touch" unit uses infrared quartz technology to heat your room without drying out the air. The fireplace features a realistic, patent-pending layered 3-d effect, with five levels of brightness. Enjoy the look of a cozy fireplace - from glowing embers to blazing logs - through the bevelled glass door in the front, and through the glass panels on the sides. Fireplace feature can be used with or without heat.

The stove is energy efficient, warms up quickly, and will easily heat areas up to 1000 sq ft.

This electric fireplace is available in 4 different colors - black, cinnamon, pistachio (light green) and bronze. It comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty

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Heater Type: Infrared quartz
Size: 24" wide x 23.4" high x 12.9" deep, 28.6 lbs
Heat Settings 1500 watts
Oscillating? No.

Remote control (power, flame setting, temperature and timer) - remote takes 2 AAA batteries (included)
Thermostat (settable from 60-82 degrees)
Five realistic flame settings, from glowing embers to roaring flames
Energy efficient, warms up to 1000 sq ft.
Low maintenance

Safety Features: Cool touch housing
Price range:
Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty.
User feedback: Very positive user feedback. This is an Amazon #1 bestseller in its category.

Duraflame's DFI 5010 electric fireplace stove has been one of the most popular electric fireplaces on Amazon the past couple of years. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but it efficiently heats a room and looks good while doing so.

Out of the box, the product is shipped with the legs detached, so there's some minor, simple assembly needed.


Once assembled and put to work, the DFI 5010's 1500 watts delivers about 5200-5500 BTUs of infrared heat and quickly warms a room without drying out the air. It's energy efficient and the fan is relatively quiet. The heat comes out of the front near the top of this unit, which seems to radiate it through the room very effectively. You can auto-regulate the temperature via the thermostat, which has a generous range of 60-82 degrees. A 12 hour timer lets you automatically shut the unit off after a few hours.

Fireplace Effect

The big selling point of the Duraflame 5010 is its patent-pending 3D fireplace effects. Viewable through the front glass door as well as the glass panels on the sides, the 5010 offers 5 different fireplace settings - from glowing embers to a fierce burning flame. Enjoy the fireplace year-around, even in the summer - you can use it without heat. The housing is very attractive - sort of an "arts and crafts" style - and available in 3 colors in addition to basic black.


Safety features on the unit are adequate. The housing remains cool to the touch except in the front where the heating element is located. The top can get a little warm, but there are reports of people putting plantrs and knick-knacks on top of it. The feet keep the stove a good 4" off the ground - you probably could put it in carpet, we dont' recommend it just because we don't like putting heaters on carpets. The unit does not have a tip over switch or alarm. Probably not an issue, because at 24 lbs this unit is solid and sturdy. It's not likely that anyone would tip this over, but we kind of wish it had the shutoff nonetheless.


We noted a few design quirks - none of them are showstoppers, but they are inconveniences:

  • Limited remote functions - power, thermostat, flame settings, timer. If you want to turn off the heat but leave the flame on you need to do that on the unit's control panel.
  • LED out put fo thermostat and timer settings is behind the door and difficult to impossible to see if you are across the room using the remote
  • Control buttons on the fireplace itself are recessed, black, and hard to see.
  • You can use the flame without heat, but you can't use the heat without the flame. If you were planning to use this in a bedroom, this could be an issuef the lowest flame setting leaves the room too bright to sleep..


So bottom line, if you want a good looking fireplace heater that does the job at a great price and you can live with a few mildly annoying design quirks, we think you, like thousands of other purchasers, will be very happy with the Duraflame DFI 5010.

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Manufacturer: Duraflame / Twin-Star International
Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace
24" wide x 23.4" high x 12.9" deep
28.6 lbs
Heat Settings: One setting - 1500 watts / 5200 BTUs

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