Honeywell Heat Bud Mini-Heater HCE100 - Review & Specs

Honeywell Heat Bud Heater in RedFrom Honeywell, a popular name in home heating and cooling technology, the Heat Bud Mini Heater is a small but mighty ceramic heater.

Why pay to heat a whole room when you just need to warm up your work or study area? With a top speed of 250 watts, the Heat Bud will keep you toasty warm without taking a big bite out of your electric bill. Designed for personal spaces, this tiny heater fits just about anywhere. Place it on top of or under your desk, in a cubicle or small office.

The Heat Bud's simple one-button manual control let you select either of two different heat settings. Constructed from flame-resistant materials, safety features include cool-touch housing, a tipover switch, overheat protection and a caution light.

Heating your workspace doesn't need to be boring! Honeywell;s Heat Bud comes in 4 fun colors - red, green, white and basic black.

With affordable pricing and a 3 year limited warranty, you can't go wrong buying one or two of these!

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Heater Type: Ceramic
Size: 5" deep x 4" wide x 7.8" high, weighs just over 1lb.
Heat Settings 170 watts / 250 watts
Oscillating? No.

Two heat speeds
Single button manual control
6' power cord
Available in 4 colors

Safety Features:

Tipover Switch - heater shuts itself off if tipped over
Cool touch housing
Overheat shutoff
Flame resistant construction

Price range:
Warranty: 3 year limited warranty
User feedback: Customer feedback is overall positive, except where customers apparently expected the unit to heat a larger area.
Product longevity is hit or miss. Some people have had the same heater for years, others report it only lasting a few months. The product has a 3 year limited warranty - you can return it to the manufacturer. But with shipping costs you may want to just invest in a new one.

The Heat Bud is about as simple as it gets - a no-frills personal space heater that's affordably priced and economic to use. It runs very quiet if you're using it in a professional setting, and is also perfect for college dorms, a cubicle, a small office, and cute enough to put on top of your desk. Other creative uses we've heard of: keeping a small gardening room from freezing.

Keep in mind this a personal heater - it doesn't have the power to heat a whole room - but it will keep the immediate vicinity pretty warm. If it's under your desk, your feet will be warm. On top, it will keep your face and hands warm. As long as your expectations don't exceed what it's designed to do, you will probably be happy with it.

Be aware that the front grill design is very open. That, combined with the slanted front panel makes it very easy for pet hair to get in. For that reason, we do not recommend this for pet owners. Also, if you have small children with tiny fingers keep it well out of their reach or use with close supervision.

If you need to heat a larger area, consider the Lasko 765200 - not much larger than the Heat Bud, but with 900 / 1500 watt settings.

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Manufacturer: Honeywell / Kaz
Ceramic electric mini-heater
5" x 4" x 7.8"
1.1 lbs
Heat Settings: 170 watts / 250 watts

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