Lasko Ceramic Heater Model 754200 - Review & Specs

Lasko 754200 Ceramic HeaterThe Lasko model 754200 ceramic heater has been an Amazon bestseller in its category since it was introduced. It isn't hard to see why! This quiet, little heater warms up quickly and is powerful enough to heat a small room - at a price well below similar-performing heaters.

This product offers 3 modes of operation: Low heat, high heat and fan only. It also has a built-in thermostat. Set the thermostat and the Lasko 754200 will automatically maintain the temperature you prefer.

The 754200 ceramic heater can be purchased individually, or in packages or two or three. It comes with a 3-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

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Heater Type: Ceramic
Size: 6" deep x 7" wide x 9.2" high, weighs 3.45 lbs
Heat Settings 900 watts / 1500 watts / fan only
Oscillating? No.

Adjustable thermostat
Quiet operation
Choose from 2 heat settings or "fan only" operation
Self-regulating ceramic element
6' power cord
Rubber feet, to protect surfaces
Carrying handle

Safety Features:

ETL Listed
Overheat protection (shutoff)

Price range:
$25 for one. Also avaliable in packages of two or three.
Warranty: Limited 3 year warranty.
User feedback: Very positive user feedback. This is an Amazon bestseller.

The Lasko brand has been a favorite of ours for years, thanks to economic pricing, thoughtful design, and great product reliability.

It may lack the bells and whistles of the higher priced models, but the Lasko 754200 is the "Little Space Heater that Could." At the 1500 watt setting, this tiny ceramic heater is powerful enough to heat a small room, yet quiet enough to use in an office, and small enough to place on top of a desk.

The front grill (covering the heating coils) is a meshlike pattern. Great news if you have pets or kids, because curious little fingers or paws can't get in there. It's really good at keeping out pet hair too. This is a feature found on many Lasko heaters and it's a big win.

The one drawback to this unit is that it does NOT have a tipover switch. While we wish it had one, this isn't a dealbreaker as long as you observe good space heater safety precautions. Place it somewhere where it is not likely to be kicked or knocked over, keep it a good distance from anything flammable, supervise closely if you have children or pets, and shut it off when not in use.

Overall the features and performance far outweigh the Lasko 754200's few shortcomings, and for the price you can't go wrong. As budget heaters go, this is best in its class. Recommended.

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Manufacturer: Lasko
Ceramic electric heater
6" x 7" x 9.2"
3.45 lbs
Heat Settings: 900 watts / 1500 watts / fan only

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