Review & Specs - Toro 1800 Power Curve Electric Snow Blower

Toro 1800 Power Curve Electric  Snow BlowerFrom one of the most popular manufacturers of lawn and garden equipment, the Toro 1800 Power Curve (model 38381) is one of the top-selling electric snow blowers in the USA.

The Power Curve has the highest power-to-width ratio in its class, and packs a boatload of features into a small, lightweight package, including deflector control, quick-lever chute adjustment, and an ergonomic folding handle for easy use and storage.

Toro's Power Curve® technology features a curved rotor and inverted funnel housing to move more snow in less time with virtually no clogging.

Covered by a full 2 year manufacturer's warranty. If anything goes wrong in normal use in your first 2 years, Toro will fix it for free.

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Type: Single stage corded electric
Clearing capacity: 18" wide x 12" deep, up to 700 lbs of snow per minute
Throwing Distance: Up to 30'
Engine & Starter: Push-button electric start
Series-wound 15 Amp motor.

1-piece two-blade curved rotor
160 degree adjustable chute with quick lever adjustment
Zip deflector - change and lock in the snow throwing angle
Ergonomic handle - for right or left-handed operation
Clears down to pavement / deck

Additional specs:

Convenient lift handle - easily carry it from deck to driveway
Double-insulated plastic body
UL Listed

Price range:
$250 - $320
Warranty: Full 2 year warranty.
User feedback: Users like this product for its ease of use and performance. The locking deflector is a favorite feature.

With an impressive clearing rate of 700 lbs/minute, the Toro 1800 Power Curve is of the top performing corded snowblowers from one of the most dependable manufacturers of outdoor power tools.

Weighing at just 25 lbs, with a telescoping ergonomichandle that can be adjusted in height and swiveled right or left, the Toro 38381 is a cinch to use. The quick lever adjustable chute and ratchet-locking zip deflector deposit the snow exactly where you want it.

The 1800 Power Curve is perfect for light to medium snowfall and can deposit snow up to 30' away. Note that performance will vary with snowfall conditions - don't expect this little snow thrower to produce the same results in heavy, wet snow! However the power curve technology helps keep this snow blower from clogging in conditions which would take out much of the competition.

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Type: Single stage corded snow blower
25 lbs.
Power Source: Electric - 15 amp motor
Intake Dimensions: 18" x 12"

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