Choose the Right Tool for Removing Snow

clearing snow from walkSo it’s Winter again, and Mother Nature just dropped a pile of the white stuff on you. Looks beautiful, but sooner or later you need to get out there and clean it up..Choosing the right tool for the job can be the difference between digging out quickly and struggling for hours.

Here's a quick rundown of your DIY snow removal options:

Manual Snow Removal Tools:

Snow Shovel

The venerable snow shovel is a general all-purpose choice. This versatile tool can clear walkways driveways decks porches, and may be the only choice for steps and smaller areas. Be sure to choose a snow shovel with the right edge for the surface you are clearing – metal edged shovels are great at digging through icy snow and clearing driveways or sidewalks, but can scratch pavers and brick.

Snow Pushers and Manual Snow Plows

Manual plows and pushers may lack the power of a gas-powered snow blower but they're light, easy to store and use, and much easier on your back than lifting a shovel, These pushers and plows are perfect for flat smooth surfaces, like driveways and sidewalks, and excel at clearing small amounts of powdery snow.

Roof Rake

Snow that doesn't melt quickly can spell trouble for your roof. Roof rakes enable you to remove it safely, without the the risk of climbing ladders or standing on an icy roof. Clearing the snow from your roof can prevent ice dams, leaks and cave ins.

Power Snow Removal Tools:

Power Shovel

In between manual shovels and plows and full-sized snowblowers, power shovels are small power snow throwers that can be a big help if you just need to clear a few inches of snow from your deck, patio or walkway. A rotating auger does most of the work for you, and their small size and light weight make them easier to manouver than regular snowblowers.

Snow Blower (aka Snow Thrower)

The workhorse of snow clearing tools, snowblowers range from small single-stage models to large two and three stage powerhouses, equipped to handle the most challenging snowfall. Not sure what kind to get? Check out our handy guide!